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I need a new name for jazz club in my new book - any suggestions?
I'm back! I use to write on this site all the time - until my new job's firewall settings. I wonder if any of my old friends here are still around or remember me??? If so, give me a shout out - I would love to hear from you.

I'm still writing and am working on a new novel. I'm 102 pages in so I suppose ther's no turning back now. lol

Hope to hear from you guys soon and learn what everyone has been up to. I still get your birthday reminders. lol


Sunday, Sunday...

Got a lot of unpacking done today. I'm actually to that stage of putting things on the walls. Overall, the place is feeling cozy. Azure seems to approve as well, as he has already found a corner in the bedroom that he likes to lay in.

In other news:

I'm planning a LGBT Health forum to take place in March - lots of work to do! 

I'm promising myself that I will return to the gym. I can no longer use the move as an excuse. (rats!)

There are two film "showings" I have on my agenda for this coming weekend. One is an L Word premier party - the other is a film showing and discussion on the Film "Brother Help Thyself" - it's the story of Bayard Rustin, who was (basically) Martin Luther King Jr.'s right hand man/protest organizer - and guess what else.. gay. Gaye Adegbalola (who I love!) is the discussion leader, so I'm super excited about going. Both are on Sunday, which means my Saturday is totally free! 

Those are the highlights. This week should hopefully be pretty easy-going. I hope everyone has had a great weekend. Best wishes to all for a great week!

Lots of love,

Be safe, avoid the fruitcake at all costs, and count your blessings! :-)
Much love, Chris


Celebrity Sighting

I saw Chris Brown and Rhianna at the mall last night. He's from Richmond so it's not that surprising. I'm friends with hsi Aunt and I've heard that he has a place here in Richmond. Go figure. I think they're both mad to be out shopping in this mess, but whatever. As for me, one more gift to buy and then I am done, done, done! :-)


Hope everyone eats an obscene amount of food today (so I won't feel as guilty doing so) - and hope everyone remembers to count their blessings today! Lots of love!!



The hibachi is done. Delicious. This was my first time making it, thus no "onion volcano" or fancy spatula tricks. I should have added more brocolli - but overall, I'm happy.

McCain has the lead in Virginia - not happy.


No chinese food takeout.

I opted to get my lazy ass off the sofa and go to Kroger's to buy stuff for homemade hibachi. Let's see how this goes.

Also, CNN keeps talking about Virginia (where I am) being a key state. This makes me even more nervous.

*nail biting*

*fingers crossed*

Really excited and nervous about Election Day.

Azure and I are camped out on the sofa, surrounded by junk food, glued to CNN.

I'm praying for the best. The alternative entails learning French and moving to Quebec.

Ugh. I'd have to find a new hair stylist once I got there. Shit. Let's hope for the best.

I may order chinese food in a few minutes...

Hope everyone had a chance to get out and vote today!

*fingers crossed*

I spent my Thursday night at the theatre last night. I scored some free tickets to see the Shangri-La Chinese Acrobats, who are all as tiny and nimble as you might imagine. They are on tour and stopped in Richmond to do a few shows at the Glen Allen Cultural Arts Center. The show was, in a word: amazing. Nearly two hours of daring stunts that I’ve only seen before on TV. I sat there with my heart in my throat wondering what they might do next.


They brought out ordinary objects onto the stage - like tables and large ceramic vases. For what? Why to juggle with their feet and to balance on their heads of course! They did a lot of the acts you’d expect to see – like the Chinese dragons balancing on balls – and the bike ride where all 15 of them pile on one bike and they bust out the red furry fans (just for that added ta-dah) at the end. I mostly enjoyed the tumbling and of course the contortionists blew my mind. (Can you imagine the sex these people must have??) Honey, please!


Because the space was limited (it was in an auditorium) the rope work and “trapeze” work wasn’t too exciting. But there were lots of acts that just blew me away. I was mostly just impressed with how diverse their talents were. Ex. The same guy that twirled 18 plates on poles was the same guy doing trapeze work later in the show. The same girl that balanced 6 candelabras – with her feet, hands, head and mouth (with lit candles, thank you very much) was the same girl that did ballet and contortion work with a partner. It was really an amazing show. I envy them for being able to just travel all over the world and just astound people with their amazing (and sometimes freakish) talents. Which is why I’ve decided to run away with them. Sort of like joining the circus – only better. One thing though…


I need a talent.


What should my talent be?


Walking on crushed martini glasses while spitting fire?

Juggling 5 Siamese cats, while dressed in an elaborate kimono?

Maybe I’ll just do a sexy tumbling act with one of the trapeze guys…


What do you think?